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  • Dec,07,2021

    Differences Between PCBA Boards and PCB Boards
    As we know, many people are not unfamiliar with PCB circuit boards, and may be heard often in daily life, but they may not know much about PCBA, and may even be confused with PCB. So what is a PCB? Ho...
  • Nov,25,2021

    Welding Process of PCB Telecom
    Ⅰ. Characteristics of PCB telecomPCB telecom is the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, lightweight, thin thickness, and goo...
  • Nov,18,2021

    How to Judge Whether the PCB Design Uses Matte Finish?
    Ⅰ. How to judge whether the matte finish is used in PCB designWhen creating the best circuit board design, one of the factors that must be considered is the solder resist layer and whether to use a m...
  • Nov,11,2021

    Switching Time and Particularity of PCB Assembly
    Ⅰ. Introduction to PCB assembly timeThe assembly of electronic products has brought significant challenges to the production and operation scheduling because of the large number and variety of compon...
  • Nov,04,2021

    The Factors Affecting PCB Fabrication Price
    Ⅰ. Different materials lead to PCB fabrication price diversityTaking the ordinary double-sided board as an example, the board materials generally include FR-4, CEM-3, etc. The board thickness varies ...
  • Sep,29,2021

    How to Test the Function of PCB Board?
    This article introduces some factors and countermeasures that should be considered in the successful implementation of PCB functional testing.1. PCB function testPCB test is becoming more and more imp...
  • Sep,22,2021

    Learn About Highly Customized PCB Assembly Services
    1. PCB customizationWith the multiplication of discovery and innovation of new concepts and features, all products and processes that dominate the market have adopted customization. From computers, au...
  • Sep,15,2021

    How Does PCB Assembly Work?
    The assembly or manufacturing process of a printed circuit board (PCB) includes many steps.All these steps should go hand in hand to achieve good PCB assembly (PCBA). The synergy between one step and ...
  • Sep,08,2021

    How is PCB Fabricated?
    Although PCB is already well-known, it can even be said that we deal with it every day.So, what exactly is it? How is it produced? How many production processes are there? Let's walk into the PCB ...
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