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How is PCB Fabricated?

Although PCB is already well-known, it can even be said that we deal with it every day.

So, what exactly is it? How is it produced? How many production processes are there? Let's walk into the PCB fabrication companies in Shenzhen, China for some exploration!

1. PCB fabrication process

1) Receiving and inspection of design custom PCB. The engineering department of the PCB factory accepts and checks the design board files sent by customers.

2) Print the design into transparencies.

3) Cutting and edge polishing of glass fiber.

4) Inner layer production. The top and bottom layers of glass fiber are covered with plastic dry film and are hardened under UV exposure.

5) Etching process. The purpose of the entire etching process is to remove excess copper and photoresist from the copper plate, and complete the prototype of the PCB after a series of processes.

6) Automatic optical inspection (AOI) and editing vacuum (PP). The purpose of automatic optical inspection is to check the etching of the inner layer to ensure that the etching of the inner layer is normal.

7) High temperature and high pressure processing. After 200 degrees Celsius and 27 kilograms of pressure, the epoxy resin in the melted prepreg glued the PCB board on both sides to complete the lamination.

8) Drilling process. Drilling is to use a machine that automatically replaces the drill bit to drill out the required holes according to the design.

9) Electroplating process. Electroplating requires a very complete chemical process to be completed.

10) Solder mask and drying. The electroplated PCB board needs to undergo an automatic optical inspection (AOI) again, and then the green liquid solder mask can be applied and then dried.

11) Welding mask removal, washing and silk screen.

12) Hot air treatment (HASL).

13) PCB cutting.

14) Short circuit and open circuit test.

15) Packaging and shipping. PCB packaging and transportation are also very particular. After a series of processes such as sorting, packaging, and labeling are completed, they can be shipped to customers.

2. Summary of PCB fabrication

After reading the above sharing, everyone must have discovered that the factory production of PCB boards has a total of about 15 processes, whether it feels particularly complicated. In fact, with the development of technology, many tasks that require manpower are slowly being replaced. The industrial system and industrial technology are constantly being improved and updated. I believe that in the near future, the PCB industry will also have many new innovations.

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