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How to Test the Function of PCB Board?

This article introduces some factors and countermeasures that should be considered in the successful implementation of PCB functional testing.

1. PCB function test

PCB test is becoming more and more important, but like online testing, the development of technology and PCB design will limit the scope of testing. Although great progress has been made in the PCB testing software, which helps overcome some of these difficulties, there are still many problems to avoid and more careful preparations if you want to successfully implement functional testing according to your testing strategy.

2. The impact of PCB functional testing

The test implementation method is affected by factors such as budget, output, and product under test (UUT) design. It is the last item that has the greatest impact on what can be measured. Budget and output will limit the items tested. In order to get the highest possible fault coverage in the test, attention must be paid to the selection of components and the PCB layout during the design stage. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and eagerness to enter the market and intense development often disrupt your wishful thinking.

Here is a preliminary analysis of how to deal with these restrictions. Some concessions that have to be made for testing (especially in the early stages of design) may affect the design, but make PCBA check easier and improve test failure coverage. 

Please note that the following problems and suggestions are not something that every test engineer has to face or need to solve. Many of these problems will affect each other. Therefore, each problem should be evaluated and applied flexibly when needed.

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