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The Cause of Theremin PCB Circuit's Bent

When the theremin PCB is designed, many of the layout lines are bent. What is the reason for the THEREMIN PCB circuit design to be bent? There are three main reasons.

1. Reduce the area of the theremin PCB

If the lines in the theremin PCB are designed to be straight, the area of the theremin PCB will increase several times.

In today's era of pursuit of exquisiteness, the area of the theremin PCB is naturally as small as possible, otherwise it will directly affect the area of electronic products. It is estimated that people's requirements for electronic products are: except for the larger screen, the other things are getting smaller and smaller, and the thickness should be as thin as possible.

2. Avoid the theremin PCB from being broken during the production process

Even if we don't care about the size of the theremin PCB and design the theremin PCB as a straight line, it will cause other problems. In the theremin PCB, the theremin PCB circuit will definitely need to be turned.

If we design the theremin PCB in a straight line, the angle of the turn will reach ninety degrees. Since the theremin PCB circuit easily produces a large reflection when it is turned at ninety degrees, such a theremin PCB can easily be broken during the production process. In this case, It not only cause material wastage, but even if the theremin PCB is successfully manufactured, it is easy to cause quality problems.

3. Ensure the signal stability of the theremin PCB

The circuit on the theremin PCB is designed to be bent to ensure the stability of the signal. Theremin PCB design is a kind of technical activity, and only by adopting corresponding design can the signal integrity be guaranteed.

Only when the signal is not disturbed, the chip on the theremin PCB can work normally.

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