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Nowadays, environmental protection has become more and more popular. The green PCB board products provided by HX technology could meet your specific requirements. There is multiple environmental protection green PCB boards you can choose from in our company, including CCTV camera PCB board, CCTV camera PCB board, relay PCB board, environmental PCB, and so on. We promise that HX technology will give our customers the best green PCB board with the most competitive PCB board price.

What are green PCBs made of?

With everyone's increased awareness of environmental protection and the development trend of modern electronic equipment, in order to respond to global and national strategies, circuit industries turn to environmental green PCB board production and gradually use environmentally friendly materials. Many PCBA suppliers issue lists of banned and restricted materials in green PCB board production. Besides, some companies also make lists of “not to buy” materials in environmental PCB production.

HX technology pursues zero defects, starting from the smallest details, to fully ensure that all aspects of the customer's needs for the green PCB board product. As the quality management goal of continuously improving the service level, HX technology uses the excellent management system created by the ISO International Organization for Standardization, so that the customers can rest assured to use our green PCB board products.

Why are PCB boards green?

The color of the surface of the green PCB board is actually the color of the solder resist. Solder resistance can prevent the component is-soldering phenomenon and can delay the device life to prevent the component line oxidation and corrosion. If you know more about electronic products, you will find that the PCB color is generally green. This is mainly because the green solder resist process is the most mature and simple, green PCB board is also more environmentally friendly.

As for green oil, its solder resists ink is the oldest, cheapest, and most popular. 

There are many advantages of green PCB board:

During PCB power board processing, electronic product manufacturing including board making as well as posting, during which there are several processes to go through the yellow lightroom, and green PCB board in the yellow light room has the best visual effect.

Secondly, in SMT placement processing, the tin, placement, and AOI verification of these steps, all need optical positioning calibration. Green backplane instrument identification is more friendly.

Part of the inspection process relies on workers to observe (but now most of the use flying probe tests instead of manual). In the bright light exposure to constantly stare at the board, green is friendly to the eyes.

Green PCB boards are also more environmentally friendly, and the wasteboard for the high-temperature recycling process, will not release toxic gases.

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