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What is a pick and place list?

We need a pick and place list for the preparation of offers, assembly programs and test programs for optical inspection. It is generally a text file that must contain at least the following information:

  • Component name (Reference Designator)

  • x, y coordinates in mm or mil

  • rotation

  • Size

  • Component value or manufacturer article number

These lists can be generated from all CAD programs. We can do this for you for the Altium, Orcad or Eagle programs.

How do I create a pick and place list in Eagle?

In Eagle you create a pick and place list with the command "Export Partlist". You can find this in the menu File-> Export-> Partlist. On request, we will be happy to provide you with a ULP (User Language Program), which will create a pick and place list that is easier to read. You can also provide us with your .brd file and we will do it for you.

What is a share?

After reading your assembly data into our inventory management, you will receive a release list from us. In this list you will find your original assembly data, as well as the article numbers and manufacturer or manufacturer article numbers assigned by us. You may find comments or queries in this list. These are clearly highlighted in color (yellow). Components in this list may be marked as "provided". These are then to be delivered by the customer. We always equip them according to this list. It is to be checked and countersigned by the customer.

What are fiducials?

A fiducial is a registration mark for the automated orientation of machines in the production of printed circuit boards. Using the fiducials, placement machines and AOI systems can precisely identify the position of a circuit board in space. This increases the placement accuracy. If no registration marks are available, replacement registration marks must be used. They can be conductor tracks or holes on the board. The use of replacement registration marks can reduce the placement accuracy.

What does EMS mean?

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) encompass the entire contract manufacturing of electronic assemblies, devices and systems. From development to circuit board assembly to testing.

How do you feel about conflict minerals?

In close cooperation with our suppliers, we monitor the supply chain with regard to the origin of the raw materials used. For the solders and solder pastes used, we have the manufacturer's declaration that they do not contain any conflict minerals.

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6th floor, Huachuangda YiJing Building, 45 District, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China, 518101