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  • May,21,2023

    Design Essentials for BMS PCB
    Selection of BMS PCB Processing TechnologyBMS PCB can be classified into flexible boards, rigid boards and rigid-flex boards according to their structure, and into single-sided boards, double-sided bo...
  • May,01,2023

    How to Improve the Anti-Interference Performance of BMS PCB Measures?
    Material Selection for BMS PCBThe development of the technology for BMS PCBs (PCBs) is accompanied by advances in material technology. According to the hardness of the insulation layer material, PCBs ...
  • Mar,15,2023

    How to Choose the Standard Thickness for PCB?
    Printed circuit board (PCB) serves as the foundation for most electronic products, with a simple structure that's most commonly associated with computer hardware. However, it is also used in radio...
  • Mar,08,2023

    How to Make the PCB More Reliable?
    PCB is short for printed circuit board, which is an important electronic component that provides electrical connections for electronic components and supports them. As it is produced using electronic ...
  • Mar,01,2023

    Why Use the PCB?
    PCB, or printed circuit board, is the backbone of electronic components, and it is the carrier for the electrical interconnections of electronic components. Since PCBs are made using electronic printi...
  • Feb,23,2023

    Six Things to Know About PCB Assembly Process
    Single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer are the three main types of PCB (printed circuit board). A PCB assembly involves several individual stages, all of which need to work together as a team to p...
  • Feb,16,2023

    Actual PCB Assembly Process
    1. PCB assembly: Application of solder pasteFirst, solder paste (a small grain of solder paste mixed with flux) is applied to the board. For this application, most PCB manufacturers use stencils (avai...
  • Feb,09,2023

    What Are the Steps of PCB Circuit Design?
    Ⅰ. Printed circuit board layout designIn PCB circuit design, special components refer to key components in the high-frequency part, core components in the circuit, components susceptible to interfere...
  • Feb,02,2023

    What Are the Materials and Classifications of PCB Circuit Boards?
    PCB board is the basic material of PCB, commonly known as substrate. Copper clad laminate (CCL) is made of wood pulp paper or glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material, impregnated with resin, and sin...
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