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Printed circuit board assemblies are extremely vital parts that help control the smooth motion and have strong electronic connections between other parts. HX technology is devoted to providing multiple industrial and control services, including Industrial PCB power board service, PCB board in power supply service as well as PCB board design service. Strategic steps have been taken to make PCB power board components with strict specifications to meet this industrial standard.

Application of PCB in Industrial Equipment

PCB is widely used in manufacturing industries, especially those with high-powered machinery and equipment that run on high power and require high-current circuits to drive. Therefore, a thick layer of copper is laminated on the PCB power board, which is different from complex electronic PCBs, and these high-power PCBs can draw currents of up to 100 amps. This is particularly important in applications such as arc welding, large servo motor drives, lead-acid battery chargers, military industry, and garment cotton machines. As the electronic board manufacturer, HX Technology provides high-quality PCB power boards with A-grade raw materials.

Most Likely to Break Down Parts of Power Supply PCB Board 

The PCB power board often needs to repair. It is necessary to know the parts most likely to break down of the PCB board.

  • The unreasonable design of the most prone to failure is the first heat dissipation problem. Many power supply of PCB power board damage is due to poor thermal design. Secondly, the board's copper foil line design is too thin. It is easy to burn off due to overcurrent so that the motherboard can not work. HX's products in accordance with custom circuit board design promise will not have such problems. 

  • The frequent use of places is prone to failure, such as the circuit board drive motor, spindle, switching power supply switch, the operating panel of common keys, etc.

  • Heavy load, high power, high voltage components are most likely to break down. The circuit board's power supply, a driver circuit, power control devices, and other components are generally close to the heat sink. If the protection measures do not do enough, and heat dissipation is not good, it is easy to become the first place to fail.

Other PCB Assembly Applications

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