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What Are the Processing Steps for PCBA Circuit Boards?

Nowadays, many electronic companies hand over their products to professional PCBA manufacturing factories for production, and PCBA proofing is usually carried out before mass production. Customers need to understand the process of PCBA customization proofing. Let's take a look together.

Processing process of electronic PCBA circuit board

  • Customer order. Customers will place orders with their trusted electronic manufacturing factories according to their actual needs, and make specific requirements. The PCBA customization manufacturer will evaluate whether they can complete the order based on their ability. If the manufacturer is confident that they can complete the order within a certain period of time, the two parties will then negotiate and decide on the details of each production.

  • Customer information. After deciding to place an order, the customer will provide a series of documents and lists to the electronic manufacturing factory, including the required PCB electronic files, coordinate files, BOM lists, etc.

  • Procurement of raw materials. The electronic manufacturing factory purchases relevant raw materials from designated suppliers based on the customer-provided information.

  • Incoming inspection. Before PCBA electronics proofing, the electronic manufacturing factory needs to perform strict quality inspection on all materials to be used, and only qualified materials can be put into production.

  • PCBA production. During electronic PCBA proofing, in order to ensure production quality, whether it is SMT or welding, the manufacturer needs to strictly control the furnace temperature.

  • PCBA testing. The electronic manufacturing factory also needs to perform strict testing, and only PCB boards that pass the test can be delivered to customers.

  • After-sales packaging. After PCBA proofing is completed, the product needs to be packaged and delivered to the customer in order to complete the entire proofing work. The above is the entire process of PCBA proofing. From the process point of view, proofing requires the cooperation of the electronic manufacturing factory and the customer, so that both parties can cooperate more happily.

The advantages of PCBA OEM and outsourcing materials

With the development of electronic technology, the demand for PCBs is increasing. In the past, most PCB manufacturers only provided the method of PCBA material processing, now they all provide one-stop service for PCBA OEM and outsourcing materials. What are the advantages of PCBA OEM and outsourcing materials?

  • Customers who choose PCBA OEM and outsourcing materials have great advantages in reducing the cost of purchasing materials. Because PCBA customization manufacturers can receive orders from all over the world, there are a large number of customers, and correspondingly, the procurement of components is large-scale, and stable component suppliers who have cooperated for many years can obtain lower procurement prices.

  • Reduce labor costs. If each company purchases materials by itself, it needs its own procurement personnel, including PCB board procurement personnel and electronic component procurement personnel, which are all a considerable expense.

  • Reduce the company's storage expenses. The storage of electronic components requires certain conditions, such as a constant temperature and humidity warehouse; it also requires dedicated personnel for management, as well as rent for the warehouse, plus the cost of related equipment, all of which require funds.

  • Avoid high expenditures on equipment purchases. The entire PCBA processing process requires precision processing equipment such as SMT chip mounter, reflow soldering, wave soldering, selective wave soldering, and various testing equipment. The configuration of a production line costs about 2 million. Being idle is a pressure on both equipment and funds.

Therefore, whether it is for large customers with large quantities or small customers with lots of samples, it is beneficial for PCBA customization manufacturers to choose PCBA OEM and outsourcing materials.

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