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PCB Assembly Service

HX Electronic Technology Co.Ltd is a professional PCB Assembly manufacturer. We are specialized in Electronic Manufacturing Service in the European market and the US market for more than 10 years. We can provide one-stop printed circuit board service, including PCB fabrication, component sourcing, SMT and THT. HX Technology provides one-stop professional PCB assembly service for more than 14 years. As a professional supplier of PCBA boards, we are committed to providing high-quality PCB boards. We specialize in small and medium batch production, and HX Technology is equipped with advanced machinery and professional staff. We promise that customer needs will be quickly responded in our company. Product manufacturing follow-up is more professional. Quality control is more refined. After-sales service is more intimate. Our printed circuit board assembly services are widely applied in industrial controllers, medical equipment, telecom devices, environmental protecting equipment, instruments and meters, security system, smart electronic devices, vehicle electronic devices and so on.

PCBA Technology Development

Vigorous development of high-density interconnection technology: HDI concentrates on the most advanced technology of contemporary PCB, which brings fine wire and tiny aperture to PCB.

Strong vitality of component embedding technology: component embedding technology is a huge change in PCB functional integrated circuits. PCB manufacturers have to invest more resources in the system, including design, equipment, testing, simulation, to maintain a strong vitality.

PCB materials that meet international standards: high heat resistance, high glass transition temperature (Tg), low coefficient of thermal expansion, and small dielectric constant.

Optoelectronic PCB has a promising future: PCBA technology  uses the optical path layer and circuit layer to transmit signals, and the key to this new technology is the manufacture of the optical path layer (optical waveguide layer). It is an organic polymer that is formed by using lithographic photocopying, laser ablation, and reactive ion etching.

Update the manufacturing process and introduce advanced production equipment.

HX Technology, a PCBA company, masters all the core technology and supplies top-quality PCB assembly. 

What is PCB Assembly Services

PCB assembly (pc board assembly) is one of the most important steps in PCB fabrication which includes all the components of manufacturing the complete PCB. There are two ways to make a pc board assembly; namely, Surface Mount Technique (SMT) and Through-Hole Technique (THT). SMT is a circuit assembly technology in which the pinless or short-lead surface-mounted components (SMC/SMD) are mounted on the surface of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or other substrate and assembled by soldering through reflow or dip soldering methods. At last, the PCBA boards will be put into the custom PCB enclosure to prevent them from damage or breakage. THT uses leaded components with circuit connection leads and mounting holes designed on the printed board, and establishes long-term mechanical and electrical connections by inserting the component leads into the through-holes reserved on the PCB, temporarily fixing them and then soldering them on the other side of the substrate to form reliable solder joints.

Types of PCB Assembly Service

  • PCB Assembly

    PCB Assembly

    HX Electronic Technology Co.Ltd is devoted to providing one-stop service including PCB fabrication, component sourcing, SMT and THT. If needed, we can also provide assistance with circuit board layout, panel optimization and production design. Our factory is equipped with 6 automatic SMT production lines, 2 THT production lines, 2 assembly lines, a large number of advanced inspection and testing equipment. For our current daily production capacity, we can proceed with 10 million SMT soldering points/day, 2.5 million THT pieces/day and electronics assembly is 5000 units/day. 

  • PCB Fabrication

    PCB Fabrication

    HX specializes in the production and fabrication of single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer all the way up to 24 layers and aluminium backed printed circuit boards, which use metals like aluminium or copper. We can manufacture Metal backed PCBs with aluminum or copper in different thicknesses, any solder mask color, final profiling of metal backed circuits can be punched, routed, supplied as individual circuits or supplied in a v-cut panel.

  • PCB Functional Test & Programming

    PCB Functional Test & Programming

    HX Technology provides burning services after customers provide test plans to solve customers' complex circuit or time-consuming problems. Through the PCBA test, we can check the circuit board clearly, such as the circuit continuity, all PCBA board function, observe whether there is failure and welding reliability so on. It will avoid the generation of defective products and technical problems accuracy. Our aim is to pursue 0% complaint on quality. In order to make sure nothing goes wrong, we will carry out strict inspection procedures to ensure the delivery of high-quality products.

  • PCB Enclosure Assembly

    PCB Enclosure Assembly

    We can do PCB enclosure assembly base on the demands of customers. For example, provide electronics enclosures and wiring. We can also provide customization services to save  costs and fasten the lead time for our customers.

Advantages of HX Professional PCB Assembly Service

HX PCBA technology focuses on exploring the SMT patch and post-welding, world, and testing one-stop service for proofing and demonstration.

  • SMT production lines: 10 SMT production lines.

  • High-end equipment: FUJI XPF, NXT3, AIMEX III, AOI/SPI/XRAY/smart first piece tester, etc.

  • Full BOM material supply: RC/magnetic bead inductance/connector/vibration/two transistors and other spare parts in the warehouse.

  • Fast delivery: customers deliver within 8 hours, and the delivery rate exceeds 95% within 48 hours.

  • Minimum placement: 03015, 01005, 0201, 0402.

  • Accompanying hardware innovation platform: design, board manufacturing, patch PCB, component supply.

  • PCBA OEM services are available.

Advantages of HX Professional PCB Assembly Service
PCB Assembly Service

FAQs of PCB Assembly Service

  • What is PCBA manufacturing?

    The PCB bare board passes through the SMT patch, and then passes through the entire process of the THT plug-in, referred to as PCBA.

    SMT (Surface Mount Technology). It is an assembly technology that mounts surface mount components onto PCB bare board.

    THT (Through Hole Technology). It is a through-hole insertion installation PCBA technology

  • What is PCB assembly?

    PCB assembly refers to the assembly of various electronic components on the circuit board through the surface packaging process, that is to say, the empty PCB board passes through the SMT upper part, and then passes through the entire manufacturing process of the THT plug-in.

  • How much does PCB assembly cost?

    PCB assembly cost usually consists of four parts. The cost of components, the cost of tooling,  the cost of PCB bare board, and the cost of assembly service. For the same project the second order, the tooling cost is not needed. We ship the goods by DHL or FedEx which entails the shipping cost,  if our clients provide their delivery account, then this cost is also deleted.

  • What is PCB assembly process?

    We have high-quality control system and cost control system; components are original binding and sourcing traceable. Quick-response customer support and professional logistical management to meet your demands.

  • What is a PCB assembler?

    First of all, bought all materials including PCB bare board, components, stencil according to customer needs, process the EQ  stage and Weld the components on PCB board such as SMD &THT. 

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