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Power PCBA Board

HX Technology is committed to providing high-quality power PCBA board services as one of the professional PCBA suppliers. The product services cover industrial controller, medical equipment, telecommunications equipment, environmental protection equipment, instrumentation, security systems, and other fields. HX Technology's power PCBA boards are exported to Europe and North America. With experienced, senior, stringent, and principled work styles, we aim to provide our customers with the best power PCBA board and good service feeling.

Application of Electronics PCBA

Electronic PCBA is mainly used in computer motherboard mouse board, graphics cards, office equipment, printers, copiers, shakers, all kinds of chargers, calculators, digital cameras, radios, TV motherboards, limited TV amplifiers, cell phones, washing machines, electronic scales, telephones, LED lamps, etc. What's more, PCB appliances in the application of home appliances: air conditioners, refrigerators, stereos, MP3; used in industrial equipment: GPS, automobile, instrumentation, medical instruments, aircraft, military weapons, missiles, satellites, etc.

Process of Manufacturing Power PCBA

The manufacturing of the power PCBA board is divided into two parts. One part is the manufacturing of the PCB power board itself. The other part is the soldering of the components. Only after soldering components, the power PCBA can achieve its function and value. The process of welding components on the PCB, called PCBA, namely printed circuit board assembly, which is the empty PCB after SMT, and then after the entire process of DIP plug-in.

PCBA circuit board Professionals

HX Technology is the leading PCBA circuit board provider. We offer your PCBA circuit board requirements. We will give you comprehensive expertise and quality assurance of power PCBA products.

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