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Quality Control

We have equipped the production line with high-end equipment to ensure high-quality and high-yield processing. At the same time, quality control is carried out during the processing to avoid the next quality of defective product inspection and quality control. Each test has test quality, and the quality personnel perform suction to ensure complete control.

  • Smart First article test machine

    detects wrong materials, missing parts, applications, directions, silk screens, etc., mainly in the first piece detection; artificial detection, fast and intelligent, making more effect work.

  • SPI-Automatic 3D Solder Paste Thickness Gauge

    Detects various solder paste printing quality problems such as missing printing, less tin, more tin, continuous tin, misalignment, poor shape, board surface contamination, etc.


    In order to improve the quality of our production, we use a so-called AOI system (Automatic Optical Inspection). This system enables us to deliver constant quality. 

    The manufactured circuit boards are tested according to a prefabricated test program. Faulty circuit boards are sorted out and checked at a separate repair station or errors that have occurred are corrected.

  • Xray

    open circuit and short circuit detection for BGA, QFN and other devices


    Upon request, the circuit boards can be tested in our laboratory according to customer specifications up to their final function. 

    The following tools are available to us for this purpose: power supplies, electronic load, LF generators, HF generators, audio– video generator, URI calibrator, URI measuring devices, oscilloscope, audio analyzer, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer including field probes, jitter and timing analyzer.

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6th floor, Huachuangda YiJing Building, 45 District, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China, 518101